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If you are an author who would like a book review, please send me an email at and please include the following information:

- Your name
- Title of your book
- Topic of book, including the sport (if not stated in title)
- Any media links (webpage, Facebook, Twitter, etc)
- Contact information - required if you would also be willing to do an interview

If you have further questions, add them to the e-mail.  Readers, if you have read a book that you would like to see reviewed here, you can also send a message with as much information as you have.

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  1. Hey Sports Book Guy (Lance),
    I've written a dozen or so books on baseball, and before that was managing editor for Total Baseball, Total Football, and the ESPN Baseball and Football Encyclopedias, plus other extinct forms of reading. My best book, I think, is Swinging '73, published by Lyons Press in 2013. It covers the 1973 baseball season from the perspective of the Oakland A's, New York Mets and Yankees: the advent of the DH, Charlie Finley's controversial building of a dynasty, the closing of original Yankee Stadium, the Steinbrenner regime, and the "Ya Gotta Believe" Mets of Tug, Tom, Yogi, Jerry, Jon, and Rusty, with some cultural signposts observed in passing. My most recent book is One-Year Dynasty on the 1986 Mets, also by Lyons Press. My website is My email is Of course I would be willing to do an interview. You can contact me at Thanks.

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