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Review of "Our Bums"

No matter whether one was around when the Dodgers played in Brooklyn, nearly everyone has some type of story to share about the team.  This book is a great collection of those stories, plus information on the team's history in Brooklyn and its spot in popular culture.  Here is my review of "Our Bums."

“’Our Bums’: The Brooklyn Dodgers in History, Memory and Popular Culture: by David Krell.

Baseball, Dodgers, History

Publish date:
May 31, 2015

228 pages

4 of 5 stars (very good)

While 2017 will mark 60 years since the Brooklyn Dodgers left for Los Angeles, the memories of the team’s time in the borough still resonate, even with those too young to have seen the team play at Ebbets Field.  The team’s history, marks on the city and many references in popular culture during that time are told in this interesting book by David Krell.

This is more than a baseball book as there are plenty of stories about the team and what it meant to Brooklynites in all walks of life.  Child or adult, rich or not-so-rich, and across the entire spectrum, the book is rich with stories about the team and what it meant to be a fan or to meet one of those “bums” as they were affectionately called. Between numerous interviews and extensive scouring of nearly every printed source of information on the team, Krell captures the spirit of the people who were affected in some way by the comings and goings of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

The sections written about the team’s history and its performance on the field is good as well.  While not as extensive as other books that are devoted to the Dodgers, the reader will get a good sense of not only the record and business of the team but how this aspect also affected the people interviewed.  The reader will feel the profound sadness felt when the Dodgers headed west.

The best section of the book is the eighth chapter, or inning, when the many stories, plays, movies and other such forms of entertainment have some type of reference to the Brooklyn Dodgers.  Whether is it one line or the subject of the entire work, readers will be surprised at just how many shows make mention of the team.  This book is one that anyone who has fond memories of the Brooklyn Dodgers, even if only through stories passed down from generation to generations, will have to add to his or her baseball library.

I wish to thank Mr. Krell for providing a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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