Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Review of "Boston's 100 Greatest Games"

I will admit, I love to read books like this one.  Lists of the greatest or the worst of anything are sure to generate arguments, discussions and second guessers.  Even if I agree 100% or don't otherwise have a great interest in a subject, it is always interesting to read about someone's choice of the best. This book is one of those books - here is my review of "Boston's 100 Greatest Games."

“Boston’s 100 Greatest Games” by Rob Sneddon

Baseball, Football (American), ice hockey, basketball, Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, Celtics

Publish date:
February 15, 2017 (Third edition)

290 pages

4 of 5 stars (very good)

Any book that contains a list of the greatest games, players or teams (or worst for that matter) is sure to generate conversation, arguments and second guessing.  When that happens, that means the book has done what it was supposed to do. This list of the 100 greatest games involving a Boston team by Rob Sneddon does that and a whole lot more.

What I liked best about the book was Sneddon’s explanation at the beginning that explained his criteria for selecting the game.  They were magnitude, closeness, level of play and historical context. This might hurt some teams that would otherwise be closer to the top – such as the 2007 Red Sox, who were champions soon after the 2004 edition broke the mythical “curse.” 

All four major sports and Boston professional teams are included, as well as Boston College and Harvard football and Boston University hockey.  Therefore, no matter what team a Boston fan roots for, he or she is sure to find that team represented in the book. The rankings, despite the explanation of the reason for them, are sure to generate debates, even amongst the fans of the same team. Which of the Patriots’ five Super Bowls was the best one? (Given the date of this third edition, most can figure out that answer)  Was winning the 2004 World Series the best moment for the Red Sox, or was it beating the Yankees that same year in the American League Championship Series after being down three games to none?  There are plenty of Celtics and Bruins moments as well and all four teams are represented in the top ten, so no bias toward one sport exists either.

Boston sports fans will want to pick up a copy of this book as the short story of each game will bring back great memories or let the fans learn a little history about their favorite teams.  Even those who are not Boston fans, like myself, but always like to find books like this for trivia information and a good debate will enjoy it just as well.

I wish to thank Mr. Sneddon for providing a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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