Monday, September 5, 2016

Review of "Bronx Bummers"

Happy Labor Day to all of those who are celebrating.  Since this is an American holiday, what better way to celebrate the day by going to a baseball game?  I will be doing that today, and since my trip will be to Yankee Stadium, I figured I would read a book on the Yankees to set the mood.  Here is my review of "Bronx Bummers."

“Bronx Bummers: The Unofficial History of the New York Yankees’ Bad Boys, Blunders and Brawls” by Robert Dominguez and David Hinckley

Baseball, professional, history, Yankees, humor, short stories

Publish date:
April 10, 2016

210 pages

3 of 5 stars (okay)

The New York Yankees are one of the most recognized sports franchises in the world, with 27 championships and over 100 years of history. While most of that history is positive, there are some other stories of not-so-good moments and players for the team as well.  Fifty of those not-so-great ones are the subject of this quick read authored by two veteran writers from the New York Daily News, Robert Dominguez and David Hinckley.

The stories run the gamut from players who were caught doing illegal actions, clubhouse fights between Yankee teammates and acquisitions that didn’t work out so well for the Yankees. Each story is fairly short and told in a manner that the reader will shake his or her head in amazement as how someone can do something so stupid or think “How did that happen?”

The book is a fast read as the writing style is one of easy reading and even some New York City attitude thrown in.  At times, that feels a bit forced, but realizing that the writers are from that area, it only makes sense. Also, for those readers who may not like the subject team and are hoping for a book that bashes the Yankees, that isn’t the case.  While many stories are here to highlight some stories that many wish were forgotten, the tone toward the team is that they are still a high-class organization – these are a just some bumps along the road.

If a reader wants to learn more about a subject of one of the stories, such as Babe Ruth (yes, he had a few not-so-good moments as well), then he or she should search elsewhere. But readers who just want to enjoy a quick, humorous read will find this one worth the short time to read. 

I wish to thank Riverdale Avenue Books for providing a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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