Thursday, July 17, 2014

Review of "One Girl, One Team, One City" and upcoming book tour

I am excited to announce that on August 1, I will be part of a virtual book tour promoting Caryn Rose's novel "A Whole New Ballgame."  It is a novel about a young woman who after getting her heart broken finds another love - that being a love of baseball and the adventures her and two friends share along the way to visiting several Major League ballparks.   I won't give any more about the book away.  On August 1, a review of the book along with more information on the author and book will be posted here.   

In the meantime, I had the pleasure to read her anthology of posts from her popular blog   Here is my review of the book "One Girl, One Team, One City."

“One Girl, One Team, One City” by Caryn Rose

Baseball, Mets, blogging, memoir

Publish date:
March 29, 2014

177 pages

5 of 5 stars (outstanding)

Posts from the popular blog are the material in this anthology by Caryn Rose. She was the author of the blog, a huge Mets fan, and a darn good blog writer as well.  This book will have the reader laughing, pausing, reflecting, and just having fun while Rose muses about her team, the memories created and her various travels during the time frame 2006-2012. 

The Mets built a new ballpark during this time, and I believe Rose’s best work and posts came from the time the team played at the old park, Shea Stadium. She talks with fondness about her “Section 12” friends, the food, the struggles with clothing needed during rainy or cold nights and even the restrooms (though not in detail, thankfully!)   Through these blog posts, it is clear that she will always have a place in her heart for the old stadium. Reading these passages makes the reader feel like he or she is right there on the upper deck fighting the wind or trying to get into position for that perfect picture. 

There is plenty of baseball knowledge exhibited in this book as well. Each post will talk at least a little bit about the game at hand, whether it is frustration over the lack of hitting in the Mets lineup, a few lines about the starting pitcher, or maybe just an observation that many fans make every night at every game, no matter which teams are playing.   For good baseball writing, Rose’s best posts are those about the 2006 Mets postseason games and her memories of Johan Santana’s no-hitter in 2012. 

However, what I really enjoy about this book is that it is written by a fan, from a fan’s perspective and is meant to be read by fans.   Fans of any team will be able to read this book, substitute their team’s name for “Mets” and many of the same stories and emotions will come back to the reader.   Baseball fans who love to go to the games and cheer on their team will want to pick up this collection of great stories.

I wish to thank Ms. Rose for providing a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Did I skim?

Pace of the book: 
Excellent, as each chapter was a particular day’s blog post, which made it a quick read and the writing style was easy to read as well.

Do I recommend? 
Yes, especially for Mets fans, but any baseball fan who enjoys attending games will want to read this book. 

Book Format Read:
E-book (Kindle)

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