Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Short review of Hockey Haven

This book was a short quick read as the paperback version, minus the pictures, is only about 70 pages.  It took me less than an hour and a half to read before the train got to Yonkers today I was finished.

I will generally write shorter reviews for short books and given that amount of time to finish, this certainly qualifies as a short book.  But it was on a sport that I enjoy but is hard to find a good book about it. Here the review for Hockey Haven, a book I rated a 4 of 5 stars.

Hockey Haven is a good recap of the 2012-13 season for two schools that don't have much in common other than both being located in New Haven.  College hockey fans will enjoy the book as it tells of how both Yale and Quinnipiac built their respective programs to get to the 2013 championship game.  The only downfall of the book is that the chapter of that game is far too short.  For all the build up to the game a little more time could have been spent on describing everything from both locker rooms for that moment.  Otherwise a solid book on a topic in which it is hard to find a book.


  1. I hate when the final climax of a book ends up ending way too quickly. It can be disappointing.

    Sarah @ Kitties Like Books Too

  2. Agreed. Although the difference here is that I already knew who won the game. I wanted to find out more about the teams. Not like the ending of a fictional book that you don't know how it ends until you get there!