Saturday, August 24, 2013

Short review of a short story -The Thin Line

This review will be a new format.  I recently was reading and reviewing novellas of another genres with a much shorter format than the one I use here.  I just read a short story titled The Thin Line by Eric Schmidt.  I decided to use the format on the other blog where I was a guest reviewer here for this story.  Let me know if you like this or if I should keep using the longer form for all books, no matter their length.


A college student is trying to juggle the three biggest parts of college life - athletics, academics and social life - and still stay healthy and stress free.  He also has an important meet upcoming and needs to train for it.   How is going to manage them all


3 1/2 of 5 stars


This short story about a college runner reads much like other books on young adults.  There is angst, there is a bit of romance (non-sexual, not even a kiss that is more than a peck on the cheek) and a lot of dialogue between the hero (who remains nameless in the book) and his running partner Dan.

I did like that the struggles that were followed were the athletics and the academics instead of the romance.  That was a refreshing change from the usual YA or NA story.  The running scenes, including the important meet, were a bit short as it seemed like they were over in a flash.  Either these runners were all in the class of Usain Bolt or the author shortened this parts considerably.

The ending was completely unexpected and was a nice surprise.  Until then I wasn't really into the story, but after finishing I stopped and gathered my thoughts as it all came together.  It even explained why the hero and his girlfriend(a minor character in the story) were not named.  It made the story a good read and I would recommend it for a good quick read.

As of this posting, the book is available for free in electronic format at

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