Friday, June 7, 2013

Wonderful time of the year

This is one of two wonderful times of the year for a sports fan. Baseball is in full swing, the NBA Finals have started and the NHL playoffs are in the Final Four (although they are usually in the Stanley Cup finals by now.) Three of the four major leagues in action makes for tough choices. Not just for a night like tonight when I had to decidee whether to tune in to hockey or baseball, but also to read one of the three books I am working on for this blog. Spoiler alert...the three books are two biographies and a tell-all. Won't give away anything else...butI will say all three have been good thus far. Hockey won for tonight with the chance for Boston to head back to the Finals. Would like to see that. Although now it will be tough to top game 1 of the NBA Finals. I wrote earlier that San Antonio is one of the best franchises in professional sports. It would be fitting to see their "Big Three" of Duncan, Parker and Ginobli win it all. Next review is coming soon -I promise..but now back to the game!

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